In 2019 we launched Hack to the Future, where we invited developers to step forward and build the next wave of innovative apps in fitnech. It blended virtual hacks with in-person City Hacks, bringing together hundreds of students, data scientists, developers, and fintechs around the world to collaborate to innovate!

1,080 bright, motivated hackers from 38 countries came together. 235 ideas were submitted and 122 published. From corporate and retail banking to payments and capital markets, ideas and new solutions were abound!   


The "best overall" winner was Family Pay, from Raya Hristova, David Boclé, Axel Ayigbede, Francine Ong, and Razvan Bordeanu from paris and Bucharest. A really cool app! Family Pay includes kids in a financial world they are normally left out of, helping them learn financial responsibility. It gives parents visibility and control levels. And it gives financial institutions the ability to engage and retain customers. 

2019 Winner

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