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Krishan Patel, CTO, Arkera AI


Adam Lieberman, Head of AI & ML, Finastra

Dawn Li, Data Scientist, Finastra


Hannah Morgan, Data Scientist, Finastra

Nan Sun, Data Scientist, Finastra

Josh Abelman, Software Engineer, Finastra

Nikhil Kumar, Data Scientist Intern, Finastra

Syed Naina, Software Engineer, Finastra

Pierre Quemard, Innovation, Finastra

Braum Leenhouwers, Technology Development, Finastra

Amber Sappington, Head of data & analytics, Finastra

Lawrence Chen, Data Scientist, Finastra

Tom Lenahan, Platform & Technology, Finastra

Alon Rosner, Data & business analyst, Finastra

Iv Yoo, Data Scientist, Finastra

Tanaya Jasubhai, Design Thinking expert and Europe Lead, Finastra

Will Chen, Design Thinking expert and APAC lead, Finastra

Chris Dorrow, global head of customer design & innovation, Finastra

Francois Lasne, Senior Product Owner Open Banking/Open APIs, Finastra

Alex Borsuk, Principal Enterprise Cloud Architect, Finastra

Arun Viswanath, Innovation leader and senior development manager, Finastra

Wassim Jouini, Entrepreneur and Investor Specializing in AI

Samir Zghal, Exective Director Financial Services WEVIOO

Oussama Messaoud, Chairman Datavora

Mariem Ben Maallem, Entrepreneurship and Innovation consultant

Khaled BenDriss, CTO Wevioo

Nir Netzer, Founding Partner, Equitech Financial Solutions, and Chairman of FinTech-Aviv

Tal Sharon, Managing Partner, Equitech Financial Solutions, and President of FinTech-Aviv

Jaguar Adva Gal, CEO JAGuar Lawyers

Tamar Bar-Noy Gotlin, Business consultant / Fintech & Financial

Arthur Berrill, Head of Analytics at Royal Bank of Canada

Binish Moulana, Expert DevOps Engineer and Innovation leader at Finastra

Gal Landau Yaari​, Senior Executive, Board Member​, Former CEO The Tel-Aviv Stock-Exchange