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over 2 years ago

Fun Hack Fact Friday Tech Tip

Did you know?!

Clyde Palattao, co-creator of Agree Farm App, took home not one, but TWO prizes for the project, in the Finastra 2019 Hack to the Future.  He wanted to share these brief tips with his fellow devs to help you make a winning skill!

My biggest tip for people participating in hackathons is that they should find an industry that they are passionate about solving. For example, when the team built the Agree Farm App, we were thinking about how we can help one of the underappreciated members of our society, which are small household farmers. 

Additionally, I believe our team won the hackathon because our idea was unorthodox compared to the hackathon's theme.  The theme was all about financial technology and I noticed during the local pitching session that most of the other teams were pitching different variations of e-wallets. The teams who won were able to pitch an app that was unexpected.

Do you have a tip to share with your fellow dev community?  Feel free to share it in the Slack Channel!

Now, time to get the creativity flowing and keep building!


If you have any questions about the hackathon, please post on the discussion forum.